Monday, 1 September 2008

(1951 - Music by Max Steiner)


Directed by Gordon Douglas

Starring Errol Flynn, Ruth Roman and Raymond Burr

Greg Mason, salvage diver in the Philippines, finds his partner Andy drunk and raving about treasure. Whatever it is, somebody wants it badly enough to kill Andy and frame Mason for murder. Cleared by an insinuating private eye, Mason is immersed in intrigue, with detective Rainier, sinister Benedict, mysterious Orgega, and Andy's comely widow all somehow involved. Soon various parties, not really trusting each other, are on a sea voyage to dive for they know not what...

Technical Data: Reel Tape N. 219a {8 tracks} {24:02 minutes}

Music Composed by Max Steiner

Orchestrations by Murray Cutter

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Alejandro: Hola! Una vez más quería felicitarte por tu blog sobre la Música de la Época Dorada del Cine. Espero que algún día puedas responderme algún saludo para que podamos conversar más y conocernos.

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