Tuesday, 11 December 2007

DIVE BOMBER (1941 - Music by Max Steiner)

Directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray

A new flight surgeon and a Navy pilot overcome personal differences to work on solving the problem of Altitude Sickness which causes blackouts at high altitude. The real stars of the film are the pre-World War II navy aircraft featured in full color

When Dr. Doug Lee fails to save the life of navy pilot Swede Larson, who blacked out and crashed after entering a steep dive, the flyer's friends take an immediate dislike to him and disparage his efforts to learn more about the problem by becoming a flyer himself. Lee's new superior officer, Dr. Lance Rogers, also exhibits resentment toward the presumptuous newcomer. They ultimately become friends and form a mutual bond of personal and professional respect when their research develops a high altitude flying suit which they hope will prevent the kind of blackouts that killed Swede. Unfortunately the process of experimental testing of the new device proves to be a dangerous undertaking.

Technical Data: Reel Tape N. 199b {12 tracks}{22:41 minutes}

Music Composed by Max Steiner

Musical Direction by Leo F. Forbstein
Music Arranged and Orchestrated by Hugo Friedhofer

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