Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Welcome to Golden Age Film Music

Hi all..

I have created this blog where I would like to show you my golden age film music collection.

I've been collecting film music for more than 15 years. I don't have a really big collection (only around 3500 scores), but I am really proud and happy of it.

I've been lucky to get a great bunch of rare, expanded and unreleased music from Golden Age films. I will show an excerpt of the artwork and information I have created for my rarest acquisitions.

I love to create artwork for my collection trying to make them look as much professional as I can but always giving the touch of a collector. The hardest part is trying to put name to all the tracks. I spend hours and hours trying to do this. But it is really satisfiying once you have everything to start a new cover: Posters, photos, information and tracklisting. Being just an amateur and a music fan I feel like been working in a new release.

Here you will see Max Steiner, Victor Young, Miklos Rozsa, Dimitri Tiomkin, Alfred Newman ... There are not many places in the web where you will find them together

Stay connected!!!

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Roberto said...

Cool dude! Keep on rocking the free world!!! 8D